Getting Rid of Moss in Lawns

0702g_350We  see the problem all the time and unfortunately, the answer is usually not what people want to hear. Moss is caused by shade, acid soils and poor soils – three things we have a lot of in New Hampshire!

The first thing is usually shade, but no one wants to cut down the tree that their father planted 30 years ago. Or maybe you had a good lawn 30 years ago, but 30 years of trees going up around the property has shut off a large amount of sunlight.

First, you need sunlight to grow grass, so cut those trees back. You’ll need at least 6 hours of sunlight on the grass, so watch the sun and how it moves throughout the day as it relates to your lawn. Second, our soil in New Hampshire is very acidic due to the pine 13_350trees, so add lots of lime, twice a year. Take a soil sample. The PH rate of the soil should be about 7. Poor soils? Dig it out about 5 inches deep, and put in good loam soil. Add irrigation and a four-application fertilization program and….. you have a lawn.

Questions? Give us a call! 603.798.5048.

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  1. bashort1989 says:

    Good information and so very true.


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