Shrub of the Week: Mountain Laurel “Sarah”

Unlike last week’s selection, this week’s shrub is a profuse bloomer. You can see them and their cousins right now throughout the area.  This week’s shrub is the…

Mountain Laurel ‘Sarah’

Kalmia latifolia ‘Sarah’

Mountain laurel sarah1The Sarah Mountain Laurel is a dark green broad-leafed evergreen with spectacular long lasting blooms. It starts out with vivid red blooms that open to hot pink flowers that cover the plant. Planted in mass it makes a great statement in the landscape.

It’s a zone 4 plant that will do better in partial shade. As with all shrubs there are manyMountain laurel sarah different varieties of Mt. Laurel that come in all shapes and sizes.

Mt. Laurel ‘Sarah’ grows to 3-4’ high by the same wide and prefer a particularly acidic soil. There are particular neighborhoods around the city of Concord, NH that are covered with Mt. Laurel but they are predominantly the straight up Mountain Laurel that bloom white right about now.

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