Shrub of the Week: Common Lilac

This week’s selection is the New Hampshire state shrub. It is widely planted throughout the country.  This week’s shrub is the…

Common Lilac

Syringa vulgaris

The lilac is really a widely planted shrub throughout the world. It comes in colors from Common Lilac2blues to purples to pinks to whites. These are great flowers to cut and put in a vase for the house as they will fill the house with their fragrance for at least a couple weeks.

It’s a zone 3 plant that likes full sun but will do fine in partial shade as well. Lilacs bloom on last year’s growth so if your pruning all of the new growth every year your missing out on an a spectacular flowering plant. They also like a few handfuls of lime a couple times a year.

Common Lilac1Common Lilacs grow to 10-15’ with an 8-10’ spread and will work as an accent plant or in a mass planting. There are hundreds of lilac varieties of different sizes to tree form lilacs. We will touch upon these as they come into bloom early in the summer.

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