Shrub of the Week: New Hampshire Gold Forsythia

This week’s shrub is an early bright spot for everyone and it comes with a local connection to New Hampshire. This week’s shrub is the…

New Hampshire Gold Forsythia 

Forsythia ‘NH Gold’NH Gold Forsythia was originally hybridized in Claremont, NH. It’s that bright yellow spot you see early in the spring on the edge of the property. When you just can’t stand winter anymore and the ground hog says 6 more weeks, you can go out and clip 10 or 12 branches from any forsythia put them in some water in a sunny window and you will have an early spring in the house.

It’s a zone 3 plant that likes full or partial sun. It will spread quickly so the outer edge of the property works well.

NH Gold will grow to 5-6’ and spread the same. When a branch tip reaches the ground it will root to form a new plant so be careful to prune regularly.

Mt. Fire’s grow to 8-10’ with a 6-8’ spread so leave some space for it to grow, you’ll be thankful for it later on and so will it.

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