Get ready to start gardening!

Are you itching to get out and garden? Well, it’s not quite time yet but if you want to do something garden-related, try grooming your garden tools and organizing your gardening shed.

Grooming Tools – Here’s a quick how-to:

Cutting Tools: 

Grab some Arkansas sharpening stone and sharpen your pruners and shears. When you’re finished, lightly oil them with penetrating oil to prevent corrosion.

Digging Tools:

Use an 8-inch long mill file with a strong, comfortable handle to sharpen your spades, trowels and hoes. It’s easiest if you use a vise but holding it securely on a flat surface will work too. Make sure it’s at a 30 degree angle and file (away from your body) across the beveled surface of the blade. Be sure to remove any burrs on the other side, using the file. Apply a light coat of penetrating oil and wipe with a clean rag to prevent corrosion.

Garden Tools 2

Ideas for Organizing Your Garden Shed:

  • Add a pegboard! With the appropriate hooks, you can hang all your garden tools so they are off the floor and don’t keep getting knocked over.
  • Use a large hook with a steep angle to hold your garden hose and keep it from tangling and unraveling.
  • Install a sturdy tool holder on the inside of your shed/garage door for long handled tools. Keeps them accessible while leaving free space on the walls for shelves.
  • Use magnetic bars to store your metal tools such as shears and trowels. Be sure the magnet is strong enough to hold the weight of your tools.
  • Use bushel baskets for potting soil and mulch.
  • Add a potting bench so you have space to plant or re-pot your container plants, even when the weather is bad! Learn how to make your own potting bench here:
  • Assemble a basket of frequently used tools so you can just grab and go when you’re ready to garden.
  • Hang a calendar so you can keep track of when you planted seeds, fertilized, etc. Use one of those half-whiteboard/half-corkboard ones. Wiping off the whiteboard is easy and you can pin seed packets or other things on the cork board.

Happy Garden Prepping!

Garden Tools

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