September Landscaping Tips

Happy September All!!

This is certainly one of the nicest months of the year. There’s nothing like walking out of the house to a crisp September morning knowing it’s going to warm up to the mid 70’s with low humidity.

September is the time of year to give your lawn some TLC.

The lawn seeding window re-opened 13_350last week. There is no better time of year to get that grass seed on the ground and get a new lawn started. The warm September days and the cool nights make it very easy to get a good lawn going. The cool weather from now until November then April thru June give you 5-6 good months to get that lawn established as long as you water the area.

PVG MumsFall Plantings

It’s also the time to get your fall ‘mums in the ground. The local garden centers will be filling their shelves with a rainbow variety of different colored mums, kales, and pumpkins to decorate your yard for the fall season.

Spring flowers in September?PVG stands

The garden centers will also be displaying their bulb collection as well. It’s time to plant daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and some crocus so you have a nice burst of color and soon as spring arrives.

Questions? We are here to help, give us a call! 603.798.5048

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Shrub of the Week: Hills of Snow Hydrangea

Please excuse me for my month long hiatus from the Shrub of the Week blog. I would like to tell you I’ve been scouring the earth looking for new and interesting plants but that would be a lie. It’s a busy time of year for us landscapers. Anyway, this week’s selection is one we’ve seen beginning to show up everywhere around us. This week’s shrub is the…

Hills of Snow Hydrangea

Hydrangea arborescens ‘Grandiflora’Hydrangeas close

Hydrangeas are a widely used plant here in the northeast. They are a profuse bloomer that will bloom from mid July right though October. The mop head flowers will be white for the first 4-5 weeks and as the weather cools they will gradually change to a pinkish color.Hydrangeas

Hills of Snow can be used as an accent on either side of a door. It can also be used as a bed out in the middle of the yard combined with some Black-Eyed Susan. That is a plant combination of two long lasting bloomers that will put a beautiful color spot in the yard for a couple of months.

Hills of Snow is a zone 3 plant that likes partial shade to full shade. It grows 4-5’ high and wide. It can be cut back to the ground in the fall and will return the following year.

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Shrub of the Week: Snowmound Spirea

This week’s shrub comes from a large family of shrubs. You may have noticed it the Snowmound2last couple of weeks in you neighbors yard. The photos here are from the Brown Hill area of Bow, NH.  This week’s shrub is the…

Spirea nipponica ‘Snowmound’

As much as I still hate to use the four letter word ‘snow,’ the Snowmound Spirea is really an under-used shrub. It is one of the first spirea to bloom and has a wonderful arching branch habit that gets covered with Snowmoundwhite bunches of tiny flowers.

The Snowmound can be used as an informal untrimmed hedge or as a lager mass of white in the landscape. It’s yellowish orange fall color will only add to the autumn colors in your yard.

Snowmound Spirea is a zone 4 deciduous shrub that likes full sun to partial shade. It grows to 3-4’ in height and width, has a rounded shape and bluish green foliage.

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Getting Rid of Moss in Lawns

0702g_350We  see the problem all the time and unfortunately, the answer is usually not what people want to hear. Moss is caused by shade, acid soils and poor soils – three things we have a lot of in New Hampshire!

The first thing is usually shade, but no one wants to cut down the tree that their father planted 30 years ago. Or maybe you had a good lawn 30 years ago, but 30 years of trees going up around the property has shut off a large amount of sunlight.

First, you need sunlight to grow grass, so cut those trees back. You’ll need at least 6 hours of sunlight on the grass, so watch the sun and how it moves throughout the day as it relates to your lawn. Second, our soil in New Hampshire is very acidic due to the pine 13_350trees, so add lots of lime, twice a year. Take a soil sample. The PH rate of the soil should be about 7. Poor soils? Dig it out about 5 inches deep, and put in good loam soil. Add irrigation and a four-application fertilization program and….. you have a lawn.

Questions? Give us a call! 603.798.5048.

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Shrub of the Week: Mountain Laurel “Sarah”

Unlike last week’s selection, this week’s shrub is a profuse bloomer. You can see them and their cousins right now throughout the area.  This week’s shrub is the…

Mountain Laurel ‘Sarah’

Kalmia latifolia ‘Sarah’

Mountain laurel sarah1The Sarah Mountain Laurel is a dark green broad-leafed evergreen with spectacular long lasting blooms. It starts out with vivid red blooms that open to hot pink flowers that cover the plant. Planted in mass it makes a great statement in the landscape.

It’s a zone 4 plant that will do better in partial shade. As with all shrubs there are manyMountain laurel sarah different varieties of Mt. Laurel that come in all shapes and sizes.

Mt. Laurel ‘Sarah’ grows to 3-4’ high by the same wide and prefer a particularly acidic soil. There are particular neighborhoods around the city of Concord, NH that are covered with Mt. Laurel but they are predominantly the straight up Mountain Laurel that bloom white right about now.

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Shrub of the Week: Ever-Low Yew

This week’s selection’s flowers are not noticeable at all. In fact you wouldn’t think it flowers at all except for the red berries in the fall. This week’s shrub is the…

Ever- Low Yewyew-berries1-400x266

Taxus media ‘Ever-Low’

The  ever-low yew is a dark green short needled plant that is low growing. It is used mainly as a ground cover plant or a low hedge. Unlike other yews it stays low to the ground.  Yew

It’s a zone 4 plant that likes full sun but will do better in partial shade. Yew are easily shaped plants that are commonly used in topiary work.

Ever-Low Yews  grow to 12-24” with an 5-6’ spread and forms a nice green back ground for low growing perennials in front of it.

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Shrub of the Week: Maximum Rhododendron

This week’s shrub you will start to see everywhere as well as all of its cousins. Its spectacular display begins the 3rd weeks of May and lasts into June. This week’s shrub is the…

Rhododendron ‘maximum’

The Maximum Rhododendron will grow into a massive plant if left unchecked. It can growRhododendron to 20+ feet if untouched, providing it has the space. When in bloom the plant literally buzzes with bees collecting pollen.

Max Rhody is a zone 3 shrub that likes the shade and makes an excellent screen plant for privacy or to hide that old camper that your neighbor refuses to haul off.

This is not a plant for up next to the house, unless you want to do some pruning every year. It needs to be planted on the outer edge of the landscape.

Rhododendron 2The rhodys remind me of my youngest daughter because on the day she was born, I walked her mother through our neighborhood as these were all in bloom.


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